Outside our general services, of course, we can also assist with specific questions and projects. As an SME, you often very specific questions. We try to address them a correct and specific answer.

We have experience with:


  • Do you want to take over a company and to increase your market share.
  • What about the funding?
  • What is the value of the company?


Recruiting staff and the additional obligations

  • You wish to recruit staff, but would like to have a clear view of the costs?
  • You wish to recruit staff and you do not know how to tackle all the administration / regulations involved? 
  • We can assist you. 


Credit applications

  • You are considering an acquisition/investment/purchase of a property? 
  • We can assist you in the loan application. (discussion with banks/drafting a business plan together with you/...)



  • You wish to buy a property with you SME?
  • How do you deal with this?  How to structure the acquisition?
  • We can assist you in answering your questions.